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Bailey, our five year old black lab recovering from ACL surgery, has found the Home Rehabilitation Booklet a wonderful help for her owner - she particularly liked the moist heat therapy and massage - and still does even though we have passed the point where it is necessary. Seriously the booklet has been a great help - I showed it to my vet and he thinks it is a really good source of information. We are on week 5 ( should be on week 6 but my mom had hip replacement surgery two weeks ago and my time was pretty crunched) and Bailey is doing really well. Went for her one month check - up and our vet thought she was several weeks ahead of where she should be in terms of movement and weight on her leg. Information is well written, concise and the descriptions of each activity ( i.e. puppy sits) very easy to understand. Have also appreciated the weekly emails which have given additional information and tips. Thanks...
Debbi and Bailey
Although I have only just completed Week 1 of the rehab, I must say the guide has been very helpful. It helped me get a proper perspective and wrap my head around the requirements for which I would not have been prepared. It helped me get the routine going amidst the stress of bringing my dog Sandy home from surgery. With regard to the videos, it would be helpful to see more hands on demos of how to perform each task.
Billy McConnell
When my 7 year old year old Yorkie had ACL surgery I was devastated. I spent hours searching through the web for information on the recovery process but could not find anything satisfactory until I came upon the Top Dog Heath Website. It was a God sent, the website not only had a depth of information but many testimonials on other dog owner's experiences. I got the Home Rehabilitation Booklet and followed the instructions. I found the instructions and information most helpful and it helped my dog's recovery. The website gave me a piece of mind and helped speed up my dogs recovery. This site is a must for any dog owner and is highly recommended.
Wilton Tsang, California, USA
My 3 year old German Shepherd Dog "Baron" was scheduled to have TPLO Surgery on his back left leg on February 22, 2010. Not knowing anything about Post Surgery, I looked on-line and came across the most incredible site, "Top Dog Animal Health & Rehabilitaion"! It has been the most wonderful thing in helping with Baron's recouperation. Having followed the instructions pretty close to their recommodations, you can really see a difference. Baron is almost into week 5 and he's doing amazing. The physical therepy exercises helps him to actually use his energy, but at the same time help in the healing process. The short video's on how to approch each exercise are worth a few short minutes of your time to ensure each exercise is done properly. Once I found out they also are on Facebook, my life just got better. You can talk to people who are going through what you are. Everybody is their to support you, and offer advise on something that they also encountered and maybe had a solution. It just works!.
Thank you Dr.J and staff for all you've done and continue to do for my "Baby Bear"
Sandy Risner & Baron
I just wanted to send a quick note to say "thank you" all for your support and information for my dog Quincy’s recovery. I found your sight by accident about 1 week prior to my dogs surgery. I have to say that if not for your site, I would have no idea how to help my dog recover. I studied the TPLO recovery guide from page to page. It now looks like an old book because I refer to it all the time to see what I should be doing. My dog is now 8 weeks post TPLO and he is doing very well. Due to the information on your website and the recovery guide, my vet was amazed at how well Quincy is using his leg and how little muscle loss he has. If not for the information and TPLO guide, I think my dog would be weeks behind in his recovery. In addition, I ordered the Glycanaid HA and Flexerna and see a huge difference in him. I will continue to use these supplements for him as he is 8 years old and will need them for the rest of his years. So thank you again, and I will continue to come to your website for information as well as ordering the amazing supplements you offer.
Warm Regards,
Jill Valentine
My 2 year old Border Collie (Aiyana) had to have FHO surgery (birth defect). I was totally in the dark with what to expect and what I needed to do. After hours of research, I was still lost. I finally found the FHO booklet from TopDog. This booklet was amazing! It told me step by step what to expect and what I should be doing to allow my dog a 100% recovery. I printed out a copy for my vet as well and he loved it. Vets are "experts" on surgeries but few are "experts" on after-care. TopDog specializes in the after-care side and it shows in their booklets. I have recommended them to everyone I know (I am a dog trainer so I know plenty of pet parents). 6 months post-op and Aiyana is better now than she ever was. Thank you TopDog for the wonderful booklets. Because of you, my dog will be able to do agility!
Sonia Kutz
Hello, I would like to say just how much the TopDog rehab guides helped me and my dog through the CCL recovery process. They were truly beyond my expectations. While I was doing research on the internet for ways to help my dog recover from his CCL surgery I happened to luck out and find Dr.J's information. I was thrilled to tears to discover the free downloads that he offered and I was not even his client! The rehab guides go above and beyond what I expected with not just written information but actual photo's that instructed in detail how to apply and perform the various techniques. From the first scary days when your dog comes home they show you step by step how to use ice therapy, passive range of motion, using a sling or support to maneuver the dog. All very, very scary procedures to preform without the proper instructions to inexperienced, nervous dog parents. The guides don't stop there they take you right to the end of recovery explaining and educating on all the different exercises and modalities of the rehab process with your dog.
Having had a dog go through two knee surgeries years ago when there was absolutely nothing available to help me help my poor dog, I wanted more! Now years later I again found myself with a dog that ruptured his CCL and was sent home with little to no instructions on his recovery or rehabilitation needs. Thankfully, I was not satisfied with this lack of help and information and decided to research other possibilities. And so I found the TopDog rehabilitation guides via the internet, sadly not through my veterinarian or orthopedic surgeon.
My hope is these rehab guides be made available from veterinarians and surgeons to all who face these type surgeries and want the best possible outcome for their pups. Simply put they are invaluable. Take it from someone who knows all too well what it was like to face this surgery and recovery with no knowledge of what to expect. The TopDog rehabilitation guides are an absolute necessity. Just pick one up and see for yourself how informative and professional yet easy to follow they are for all types of orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation. I would like to personally thank Dr.J and TopDog rehabilitation for sharing this wealth of information with the pet community and hope all veterinarians will follow in his footsteps.
Glenda Russell and the "Crazeedogs"
Following her operation for a torn cruciate when I left my vets office, I was only told to allow Roxy to only get up for toileting. No advice was given as to what to expect and what was "normal" and "abnormal" post-op. As a nurse, I was well versed in how a wound heals but as for anything else I didn't have a clue!
As a result I found myself on the phone at least daily with a question which was directed to the veterinary nurse who also did not know the answers to my questions. It was a very stressful time and I'm sure that I had unnescesary vet visits because of my lack of information. Two weeks post op whilst performing my own research I came upon the Topdog rehabilitation guide.
I read this book cover to cover and was amazed that my vet did not furnish me with this information. I knew exactly how to perform rehabilitation exercises, what exercises should be performed at what stage and, most importantly, what action to take should Roxy have a set-back. Sadly Roxy had to have a second cruciate repair but dealing with this was much less stressful than my first as I knew EXACTLY what to do and what to expect. I'm pretty sure that my vet has both wasted time and money fielding my calls and having vets visits that just weren't required. Should I have had access to the guide before the op. Roxy has had set-backs during this time but appears to be recovering well following Dr J's advice. I cannot thank him enough for putting his time and expertise into formulating the guide and caring enough to do so.
Carla Gardner (And Roxy)
South Yorkshire
I stumbled on the top dog rehabilitation guides completely by accident when researching on the internet how long it should take my dog to heal after TPLO surgery. Although my vet and surgeon are very good they just didn't provide any ideas on how to help rehab my dog, besides be very conservative and take it slow. At the time I found the guides, I was a few months shy of a year post TPLO and I was still having times when my dog would limp if she walked too far or jogged. What I found out by reading the guides was that I had been way too conservative and my dog hadn't been given the appropriate opportunity to gain back the muscle in her TPLO leg, which could lead to damage in her other leg. After following the guide for only a few weeks, I noticed an immediate improvement in both muscle development and stamina. My dog is now back to her old self and I contribute it all to the Top Dog Rehabilitation Guides.
Thank You, Trina
We found the TopDog Rehab guide for TPLO surgery on the same day that our 5 year old Golden Retriever, Angus, had his first TPLO surgery. Thank goodness we did. Without the TopDog guide, we would have been at a considerable disadvantage in terms of helping Angus to heal and regain mobility and strength. Our orthopedic veterinarian provided about three typed pages of confusing notes. They explained the immediate post-op care for the first three days and what to watch for in terms of abnormal reaction to the surgery. They also contained general instructions to show up for an x-ray in eight weeks and then to start movement ... and not much else. The TopDog guide, on the other hand, provides step-by-step information for the first few days and then for every week during the process. It also contains photos and you can view related videos on the TopDog website. I firmly believe both the dog and the owners are helped by these guides. Angus needed TPLO on his other leg four months after the first surgery (this was not a surprise. We knew at the start he would need both done). I recommend the TopDog TPLO rehab guide without hesitation. It helped our beloved dog heal more quickly and become stronger faster. And it helped my husband and me get through a very stressful experience with more confidence and assurance than we would have with just the information provided by our vet. I would have gladly paid for it ... twice.
Maureen MacDonald

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